Monday, March 25, 2013

Scala and Functional Programming Class

In a previous job I self taught myself Scala and Actors model using Martin Odersky's book.  I haven't used it in a while, but I have been itching to learn proper idiomatic functional programming.  Scala lets you use both OO and FP principles, so it easy to revert back to Java-style OO when not pushed.  I feel like Scala is a good language to learn because it straddles that line between being a "cool" and productive language but also adult enough to scale and taken seriously by large enterprises (i.e. you can find a good job).  Moreover, its sweet spot is concurrency with actors and STM, which allows horizontal scaling over many cores and machines with minimal effort.  From what I can tell developing concurrency correctly is one of the strongest skills a programmer can have over next five years.

That is why I jumped at the opportunity to jump on a free online class taught by Odersky himself at Coursera.  Today is the first day, so sign up now if you interested in getting "credit".

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